Starting at $547 per day

Seats 7

Bowrider Boat

Wakeboard, Waterski & Tube Ready

Pricing Details (multi-day discounts)

Starting at: $547 per day


  • 2 days = $40 OFF
  • 3 to 5 days = $70 OFF
  • 7 or more days =  20% OFF!

Holidays cost $100 more per day.

Damage Waiver Insurance (LVL-1 DWI)

This Bayliner VR4 Bowrider Boat will require Level 1 Damage Waiver Insurance (LVL-1 DWI) with us if you choose to add Damage Waiver Insurance (DWI) to your rental. LVL-1 DWI costs $50 per machine per day, and it covers you and your party for all damage costs that exceed beyond the $500 security deposit. If you don’t opt in to buy Our Internal Insurance Damage Waiver during this checkout process, then you may still purchase it at the time of pick-up. This damage waiver doesn’t cover any injuries, and we’re NOT liable for any injuries whatsoever! Basically, it just guarantees that in the rare occasion that damage is done to the rental equipment, then you would not be held liable for any repairs exceeding $500 (the total amount of the security deposit). Our internal Damage Waiver Insurance is not required, but we strongly recommend if your current personal insurance policy does not cover you for rentals. If you’re not sure, or you don’t know if your current insurance provider covers you for this kind of rental, then we recommend calling your insurance provider to find out..

$500 Security Deposit

For this boat, there is a required $500 Security Deposit that must be paid via venmo, credit card, or cash when you come to check-out the boat. When you return this machine, the $500 Security Deposit you paid will go back to you 100% **if** there’re no damage to the machine and it’s returned full on fuel. In other words, this security deposit is held by us until the machine(s) are brought back at the end of the rental. This security deposit will be fully refunded back to you if the equipment is brought back undamaged and full on fuel. On the rare occasion that damage does occur, we will calculate and deduct the cost of the repairs from this security deposit, then we will refund the remaining balance back to you.

Our Refund/Cancelation Policy

Customers must call 801-528-7418 or email us at  to cancel their reservation with us!

No refunds for early returns. There will be no refund if you cancel the day of your reservation. There will be a 90% cancelation fee if you cancel within the day before your reservation. There will be a 60% cancelation fee if you cancel within the week before your reservation. There will be a 30% cancelation fee if you cancel within the month before your reservation. There will be a 15% cancelation fee if you cancel within the quarter (3 months) before your reservation. If you cancel at least 3 months before your reservation, then there will be NO cancelation fee; and, you’ll be fully refunded for the reservation. Remember, rescheduling is not the same as canceling; it’s free to reschedule as long as you don’t wait until the last minute! If for whatever reason you decide you want to change your dates, then it’s always FREE to reschedule your reservation with us as long as you let us know at least a few days before your reservation. There will only be a 30% rescheduling fee if you decide to reschedule within a couple of days before your reservation. Otherwise, there is no fee to reschedule your reservation with Arizona Jet Ski Rental.

If you have questions, check out our Boat Rental FAQ page. Or even better, just call or text us at 801-528-7418 or email us at

Bayliner VR4

Bowrider 7-seater Wakeboard/Ski Boat (2019 to 2021)


  • 7 PFD life vests (life jackets)
  • Boat trailer (or optional Pick-up & Drop-off Service)
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Anchor and safety equipment

Our 2019 Bayliner VR4 Bowrider Boat is a great starter boat to get you out on the water and enjoying your favorite water sports at Lake Powell. Don’t let it’s smaller size fool you, this boat has plenty of space for a crew of 7 and storage for your gear. Thanks to the design, the VR4 has versatile seating configurations to make sure you are at your most comfortable on the water. This is one of the most fun boats for all skill levels to use due to the simplicity of towing, launching, and operation leaving you to enjoy the water and not worry about anything else!

We have this boat equipped with an Xtreme Tower w/ integrated bimini top, ski board rack, stereo (w/iPod/mp3 inputs), and a swim platform.

Not Included in the Rate Above

  • Damage Waiver Insurance $50 per day
  • $500 Security Deposit
  • Gas (All rentals come with a full tank of gas, however, if not returned full, then you’ll be charged for the fuel you used.)
  • Delivery Launch & Retrieval Service (only $100 to add)


Available Add-Ons (priced for 1 to 4 days)

  • Wakeboard (/w rope & flag) $40
  • Water Skis (/w rope & flag) $40
  • Kids Water Skis (/w rope & flag) $30
  • Slalom Waterski (/w rope & flag) $40
  • Rope & Flag (pulling kit) $15
  • Tube (one or two-person /w air pump, rope & flag) $40
  • Three-person Tube $75
  • Extra Life Jacket(s) (PFD life vests) $10
  • Extra Full 5-gallon Gas Can(s) $27
  • Extra Empty 5-gallon Gas Can(s) $7
  • Wakesurf Board (/w rope & flag) $50 per day /w max up to $250

-Pick-up/Launch & Drop-off/Retrieval Times:

Our standard pick-up/launch time is from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM.
Our standard drop-off/retrieval time is from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Late returns are subject to a late fee of $2 per minute.

Delivery Launch & Retrieval Service:

Have us deliver the jet ski(s) to you at the lake for only $100 ($50 each way). You’ll start by meeting us at our shop to sign the paperwork, then, you’ll meet us at the marina for a quick training, to answer your questions, and help you launch the jet skis.

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