Area Attractions

Snap a Photo at Horseshoe Bend

A short 10 minute drive from our rental shop will lead you to one of the most iconic Instagram worthy spots in the American Southwest! Not for the faint of heart, the best view is on top of the 1000 ft. steep cliff that overlooks the natural formation. 

Explore Antelope Canyon

Our shop, shared with Tour Antelope Canyon, provides private tours to one of the most mesmerizing sandstone slot canyons in the world. Antelope Canyon is a photographer’s dream with rays of lighting reflecting off the bright orange walls.

Glen Canyon Dam

Less than 4 minutes away from our shop is the Glen Canyon Damn forms Lake Powell and continues the Colorado River! This 710 ft. tall concrete arch-gravity dam has year round guided tours and spectacular views from the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Considered sacred by the Navajo, Rainbow Bridge National Monument is the world’s highest natural bridge. Accessible by boating up Powell, this hike is 1.5 miles to reach the breathtaking observation point. It is even possible to backpack to Rainbow Bridge but you must first obtain a permit from the Navajo Nation.  

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